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October 19, 2008

The World Hates Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin has been attacked from all sides during this presidential campaign, but politics is politics here in the States. However, the rest of the world seems to be attacking her too. Europe has overwhelmingly condemned her for her far-right conservative views, with an Irish paper warning that the world could be, “just a heartbeat away from the biggest half-baked Alaskan nightmare.” These sexist socialists have no place making comments on our vice presidential candidates. After all, they are not affected by our politics, unless you count our leadership on the world stage, our economic and military might that impacts the entire world, and our tendency to push our views on foreign countries.

But, there may be someone who does have some say over John McCain’s VP pick. Russia can see Alaska from its shores, thus should have some valuable insight into how Palin would govern. The Russian paper, Pravda, called Palin a “Mrs. Nobody Know-it-All” while a Russian politician called her a “house-wife, chosen by mere chance.” The Russians aren’t exactly known for being objective, but this is, after all, Palin’s area of “expertise.”

Why won’t the world just leave us alone? All America wants is to avoid interacting in the world arena? Just let us concoct our international economic schemes, invasions of foreign countries, and massive diplomacy efforts by ourselves.

CNN – Europe Hates Palin

Wash Post – Russia Hates Palin


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