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October 24, 2008

Everyone in the Tank

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This morning the New York Times endorsed Barack Obama for president. This should come as no surprise as the NY Times is basically no different than the Soviet Union’s Pravda. But it’s the conservative movement to Senator Government that is most surprising. Scott McClellan, Bush’s former Press Secretary, has announced that he is supporting Obama. And recent polls show that even Bush supporters are turning to Obama.

It gets worse, even imaginary characters are supporting Obama. We’ve all heard about ACORN’s ability to register Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (normally strong Republicans), but now Opie, Andy Griffith, and the Fonz are in the tank as well.

Of course, evil also supports Obama. A Republican county election clerk in Indiana was passing around letters calling Obama a “young, black Adolf Hitler.” How can anyone support Hitler? And Fox News writer, James Pinkerton, has broken the story of Obama’s connections to Satan. Because he once knew a guy who wrote a book mentioning the devil. What is the full extent of Obama’s relationship with Satan, and why won’t he denounce him?

When will this all end? Oh…November 4th. That’s the day when Obama will win by 150% of the vote and a grand new era of socialism and Christian hating will begin.

NY Times – Endorses Obama

Raw Story – McClellan in the Tank

NY Times – Bush Supporters Hate America – Ron Howard is Anti-American

IndyStar – Obama is Hitler, Hitler is Obama

Fox News Forums – Obama Pallin’ Around With Satan


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  1. Then if he is suppose be a black hitler, I guess all those skin heads and nazi worshipers might vote for him. So you might not want to call him that.

    He said it in a joking way just like john. Why don’t twist john’s words around.

    Comment by l v wilkerson — October 24, 2008 @ 11:39 am

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