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September 29, 2008

Chechnya Feels the Burn

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Woman! Clean that kitchen!

Woman! Clean that kitchen!

Those wacky Russians! Always doing something crazy. Like burning people’s houses down for something they didn’t do. The Russian-backed Chechnya government has been sending thugs out to burn down the houses of the families of insurgents. Then they force the families to appear on TV to beg their sons to come home. It’s a night of fascinating television, followed by a new episode of The Office. Basically, it’s a Chechen TGIF. 

John McCain immediately suspended his campaign on the news and flew right to a fund-raiser. Hillary Clinton cursed loudly for not thinking of burning the houses of Obama supporters earlier in the campaign. Barack Obama didn’t commit either way. 

NYTimes – “This is for the one who is gone.”


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