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November 4, 2008

Hillary Clinton Still Alive

Hey remember that gal who was running for president? No, not Sarah Palin, the other one. She was married to that guy who everyone likes. Oh yeah, Hillary Clinton. Well, she’s still out there, looking out for us sinners. Right now, she’s forced to stump for Obama, which sucks. All her clever campaign lines have had to be tweaked to support Obama rather than destroy him. According to her, there is a zero percent chance of becoming a Supreme Court Justice, running for President again, or of becoming Senate Majority Leader (which is sad because that’s exactly what she should be. Out with Harry Reid). Despite all this, there is still a chance she will become president in 2008. She still has supporters and while her rallies are miniscule these days, she could still pull it off. Go for it Hillary! Don’t let some new kid take your glory.

NY Times – Hillary Stumps for Obama


September 29, 2008

Bumpkins Have a Voice Too

This little video shows some fine Kentucky citizens expressing their educated and nuanced position on Obama’s health care plan. Just kidding, it’s a drunken rant on what appears to be a horse. Ha ha ha! America is a land full of dumb billies. Here are some more. These people hate Barack Obama because he is Muslim, or whatever. It really doesn’t even matter. It’s not until the end when the lady screams “Hillary Clinton” that you realize it’s actually part of Clinton’s continuing presidential campaign. How sad.


Chechnya Feels the Burn

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Woman! Clean that kitchen!

Woman! Clean that kitchen!

Those wacky Russians! Always doing something crazy. Like burning people’s houses down for something they didn’t do. The Russian-backed Chechnya government has been sending thugs out to burn down the houses of the families of insurgents. Then they force the families to appear on TV to beg their sons to come home. It’s a night of fascinating television, followed by a new episode of The Office. Basically, it’s a Chechen TGIF. 

John McCain immediately suspended his campaign on the news and flew right to a fund-raiser. Hillary Clinton cursed loudly for not thinking of burning the houses of Obama supporters earlier in the campaign. Barack Obama didn’t commit either way. 

NYTimes – “This is for the one who is gone.”

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