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November 1, 2008

Obama‚Äôs Aunt One of Those Illegals

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Barack Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyang, appears to be living in the country illegally. She is one of those immigrants who is taking jobs away from hard working Americans. Why won’t Obama kick her out of the country? The answer seems obvious: he loves immigrants and this particular one has been contributing to his campaign. Over the last 20 months she has donated five times, in sums between $5 and $25. She has literally raised 10’s of dollars for Obama. Is this our October surprise? How sad.

CNN – Obama’s Illegal Aunt


Mexicans Invade America

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Wake up America. The Mexican invasion is real. Yesterday, seven armed Mexican soldiers were caught trying to invade Arizona. While they claim they were lost on a military exercise, the invasion has already begun. The most frightening thing is that this is the SECOND TIME in the last three months. This is clearly no coincidence. Fortunately, the border guard caught these guys before they took over Washington, DC. But what about next time? When is Mexico going to equip its soldiers with maps? Too many questions.

Arizona Star – Mexican Invasion

October 3, 2008

Beware of the Penguins

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The immigration threat is real people! Brazil is feeling the pinch as penguins are washing up on the shores. They came for the health care, they came for the freedom, they came to take jobs away from hard working Brazilians. The penguin menace from the south is growing worse by the year and Brazil is somehow expected to take care of them. The Brazil navy is already planning to deport 50 of them back to where they came from, but that is not enough. Brazil, build a wall! Protect your lands from the invasion of immigrant penguins threatening your soil. They don’t even speak your language!

Wash Post – Penguins in Brazil

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