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October 20, 2008

Iraq Can Prosecute US Soldiers

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Whooo! The new draft Iraq-US occupation plan has finally leaked and all the kids are going wild over it! The new plan allows Iraq to prosecute US soldiers for crimes committed in Iraq, so long as they weren’t done within US facilities or by on-duty forces. We’ve all been excited about seeing our soldiers put on show-trials in an occupied third-world country, but it may finally become a reality. President Bush clearly supports the troops. And what’s this? The new agreement also calls for all US troops to be out of Iraqi cities by next year, and all troops out of Iraq by 2011. Don’t the Iraqis know that this will mean defeat in Iraq? Why do the Iraqis hate Iraqis so much?

CNN – New Iraq Agreement


October 15, 2008

The Housing Market is Strong…in Baghdad

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Thats Some Good Looking Real Estate

That's Some Good Looking Real Estate

Tired of watching your home price fall? Sick of our troubled markets? Want to buy a home somewhere you know the price will appreciate? Try Baghdad. Home prices there are soaring. In some places they have doubled since 2006. Why won’t Ben Bernanke fix their housing problems? This is probably Barney Frank’s fault.

AP – Housing in Baghdad

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