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November 5, 2008

Whole World Gone Mad for Obama

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Think things are crazy here? You should see what’s happening abroad. It turns out, for this brief moment, they actually like America because of our ability to elect Barack Obama. Something about the American dream or blah blah blah. Not only are they excited that millions of white Christians voted for the black son of a Muslim, but they love that we finally ditched that George W. Bush guy, who has been plaguing them for the last eight years. In Kenya, Obama’s grandmother (the black one, not the dead white one) celebrated the news of the victory. In fact, Kenya made it a national Obama holiday. Obamaween, as we’ve decided to call it, will include kids dressing up in suits, gathering around the Obama tree, and giving the gift of soaring rhetoric to each other. Then they socialize something. It really is a brave new world.

NY Times – World Cheers

CNN – More Cheering


October 8, 2008

Kenya In the Tank for Obama

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Obama and his terrorist Grandmother

Obama and his terrorist Grandmother

Jerome Corsi, the right-wing author of Obama Nation, was scheduled to speak in Kenya about how Obama is a Muslim terrorist, or whatever. Instead, Kenyan immigration authorities arrested him and kicked him out of the country. The entire world is shocked that a country in East Africa isn’t completely fair and balanced, particularly with a guy who is attacking their hero. In fairness though, Corsi was an immigrant looking to work without authorization. If only America would deport all the immigrants…

NY Times – Kenya Deports Immigrants

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