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October 21, 2008

John McCain Surrenders, Terrorists Already Won

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After throwing away Michigan like some old spank rag, John McCain is now quitting his campaign in Colorado, New Mexico, and Iowa. He has decided to fight the terrorists in Pennsylvania, so he doesn’t have to fight them at home (well, one of them). But notice that he never announced a timetable for withdrawing his campaign. That means it wasn’t surrender, but victory.

Wonkette – McCain Surrenders


October 2, 2008

McCain pulls out, Michigan Left Feeling Empty

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The McCain campaign has completely given up on Michigan, deciding that it was too Democratic. What happened to Michigan? It’s been touted as one of the most important states for the election, yet it didn’t get a proper primary, and now it won’t even get a proper election. The only person who could truly love Michigan was Hillary Clinton. McCain doesn’t love it, Obama doesn’t either, and the economy is pissing on its corpse. Once again, Michigan is left alone, having been fingered briefly by the politicians before they noticed that cancerous growth (I’m looking at you, Detroit) and left it laying in the Motel 6 with nothing but cab fare.

NY Times – McCain Pulls Out of Michigan

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