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November 5, 2008

Congressional Election Madness

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The presidential race wasn’t the only election going on last night. There were also Senate and House races, which overwhelmingly went to the Democrats. So far it appears that the Democrats picked up five Senate seats and 18 House seats, though there are still a few races that are too close to call. However, they did not get the 60 Senate seats they needed to beat a filibuster, so the Republicans will still control the country since the Democrats are weak and pitiful. Let’s review some of the more interesting contests:

  • Kay Hagan crushed Elizabeth Dole for a Senate seat in North Carolina. This despite Dole’s insistence that Hagan was a Godless monster.
  • Alaskan Senator, and convicted felon, Ted Stevens ran again. The race is still too close to call (what the hell is wrong with Alaska?).
  • Insane creepster Michelle Bachman somehow retained her House seat, even though she is the embodiment of all that is evil and wrong in the world.
  • Comedian Al Franken lost to Norm Coleman by less than 800 votes. Phew, and to think we’d go through a whole election without lawsuits and recounts.

There’s more, and in the coming days we’ll explore these races and the new guys that make up our Brave New Congress.

Politico – Election Roundup


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