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November 6, 2008

Election Strategies Revealed

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In World War II, U.S. forces created an entire battalion of fake tanks and troops in order to fake out the Germans so we could invade Normandy. Barack Obama’s campaign seems to have utilized a similar tactic. Polls showed Obama had a commanding lead in Pennsylvania, but they were losing ground. Gov. Ed Rendell fretted that John McCain was gaining ground and Obama releases a poll showing McCain down just 2% there. So McCain drops everything and throws all his money into Pennsylvania. Then he loses by double digit margins. It was all a fake. Obama’s team suckered McCain’s into wasting their finances and time in a state Obama was sure to win. Who says politics is no fun?

PoliticalWire – McCain: WTF? Obama: J/K!


October 21, 2008

John McCain Surrenders, Terrorists Already Won

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After throwing away Michigan like some old spank rag, John McCain is now quitting his campaign in Colorado, New Mexico, and Iowa. He has decided to fight the terrorists in Pennsylvania, so he doesn’t have to fight them at home (well, one of them). But notice that he never announced a timetable for withdrawing his campaign. That means it wasn’t surrender, but victory.

Wonkette – McCain Surrenders

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