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October 22, 2008

Elitist of the Year Award

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The Elitist is proud to present its annual Elitist of the Year Award. This award goes out to an outstanding elitist who has changed the face of society. The recipient must show that they are better than others and aren’t afraid to throw money around on frivolous things even during a new Greatest Depression.

This year’s award goes to….Whaaaa!?!?!…Sarah Palin!

How could someone who only makes $125,000 a year as governor be an elitist? Normally, nobody who is eligible for the Obama tax cut would be nominated, much less a winner. But Palin has shown that even with such a meager salary, she can spend other people’s money frivolously. Since her nomination, the RNC has spent $150,000 on clothes and accessories for Palin. This includes nearly $50,000 at Saks and more than $75,000 during one shopping spree to Neiman Marcus. Not even man-whore John Edwards, who famously spent $400 on a haircut can match her. The RNC has spent over $4,000 on Palin’s hair, and she’s been the nominee for just over a month. Think about it, did she get more than 10 haircuts since September? Not likely.

For the ability to spend more donor money in one month than you make in a year on clothes and haircuts, The Elitist is honored to present the Elitist of the Year Award to you, Sarah Palin. God speed, and may you keep showing the little people (ie. real Americans) that you are better than them.

Politico – Palin Fashion Expensive


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