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November 3, 2008

End Times Just Like Dow

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Everyone is waiting for the end of days, but how do we measure such a thing? Well, Rapture Ready has created an index to determine how close we are. The best way to predict the second coming of Christ (as if Barack Obama isn’t already here) is to crunch numbers, as any good theologian will explain. Is Obama the anti-Christ? Well, it’s too soon to tell and many good Christians are torn on the subject. After all, Tony Blair and Bill Clinton were also good candidates. Thanks to the Salt Lake Tribune for bringing this fascinating political discussion to us.

Rapture Ready Index via Salt Lake TribuneEnd of Days


October 1, 2008

Utah Bans Fruity Booze

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Utah has become the first state to go after big-fruity alcohol by banning their sale at grocery stores and convenient stores. This is already having a devastating effect on gay men and high school girls.

The USA Today – Fruity is Bad

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